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Work injuries can happen to anyone. Sometimes a work injury is the result of repetitive motions like typing and lifting. Other times, work injuries are caused by a sudden accident like an equipment failure or fall. Many injured workers are unable to fulfill job requirements due to their injuries and are left burdened by medical debt. Workers’ compensation may provide the financial support injured workers need. But what happens If a workers’ compensation claim is denied?
Qualifying for Workers’ Compensation in Illinois
All Illinois employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. An injured worker is entitled to compensation through
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If you have been charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI), you are no doubt anxious to know what penalties you face and what your future could hold. Most importantly, are you likely to go to jail?
The good news is that in Illinois, your chances of doing jail time for a first misdemeanor DUI arrest are minimal. Also, thanks to electronic home monitoring and other alternatives, you probably won’t have to pay bail either. But what about a suspended driver’s license?

If You Refused to Take a Breath Test
If you are asked by law enforcement to take
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Whether you lost your spouse, parent, child, sibling, or another family member, a death in the family is always tragic. The heartbreak is even more profound when a loved one’s death is preventable.

Illinois law allows surviving loved ones to file a civil claim for deaths caused by another party’s reckless or wrongful actions. A wrongful death claim cannot bring a deceased person back, but it may provide the restitution the surviving family needs and deserves.
When Can You Sue for Wrongful Death in Illinois?
Each state handles wrongful death actions slightly differently. In Illinois, the victim’s spouse or next
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If you are planning to divorce, you may worry about how the split will affect your finances. This concern is understandable. Divorce can influence your financial situation in a variety of significant ways. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prepare in advance and minimize the negative financial impact of divorce.   
Take Stock of Your Current Financial Situation
One of the most important things you can do to prepare for divorce is to take stock of your income, assets, debts, and expenses. If you are like most people, you may have tax returns, bank statements, and other paperwork
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As a parent, you probably hope that your child makes good decisions. Unfortunately, many young people experiment with alcohol before they are old enough to do so legally. Teens and young adults in this situation may face consequences including suspension of their driver’s license.

If you or your child are facing administrative consequences or criminal charges related to alcohol, contact a DUI defense lawyer for help.
Consequences for Under-21 Drivers under the Zero Tolerance Law
You may already know that the legal blood alcohol content (BAC) limit in Illinois is 0.08 percent. However, this limit only applies to drivers
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 Child support helps parents cover the cost of their child’s education, housing, groceries, clothing, and other needs. In Illinois, both parents are expected to contribute to these financial needs – even if the parents are no longer together.
A parent’s child support obligation is based on the parents’ net incomes. If you are like many parents, you may wonder what happens when a parent has zero income due to unemployment. Read on to learn more about how unemployment affects child support payments in Illinois.
What If I Cannot Afford My Child Support Obligation?
Unexpectedly losing your job can make
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Being hurt in a work accident can lead to overwhelming medical expenses and lost income. Workers’ compensation is intended to cover these expenses. Unfortunately, not everyone qualifies for workers’ compensation. In Illinois, injured employees are covered by workers’ comp but independent contractors who suffer a work injury are not entitled to compensation through workers’ compensation insurance. However, workers that are misclassified as independent contractors but are actually employees may be able to get compensation for lost wages and medical bills through workers’ comp. If you were hurt on the job and you suspect you have been misclassified as an independent
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Whether it is during a bar fight, domestic dispute, or in another context, being involved in a physical altercation with someone else can be a confusing and upsetting experience. To make the situation even worse, many people in this situation find themselves facing criminal charges for their involvement in the fight. Police responding to an altercation may not know exactly what took place. Sometimes, a person who was merely defending himself or herself is arrested. If you or a loved one are facing charges for assault or battery, you may be up against stiff penalties, including incarceration. It is
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One of the most frustrating parts of a divorce or child custody case is interpreting legal jargon and unfamiliar language. For example, while the term child custody is still sometimes used in casual settings, Illinois law refers to child custody as “the allocation of parental responsibilities.” Visitation is “parenting time.” If you are a parent getting divorced, you may have questions about the language used in the parenting plan. One term many people are confused by is “the right of first refusal.” This blog will discuss the right of first refusal and how you can use this element
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Many workers drive as a part of their job. Workers who are injured in car accidents while on the clock may qualify for workers’ compensation. In some cases, those workers may also be able to pursue a third-party injury claim against the party that caused the accident. Whether you were driving to or from different branches of your company, traveling for work, or delivering goods at the time of your accident, it is important to explore all of your options for seeking financial compensation.
Workers’ Compensation for Car Accidents in Illinois
In most car accidents, the at-fault driver’s insurer
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Finances are one of the main reasons that people choose to stay in marriages that are no longer healthy, sustainable, or enjoyable. A major concern of low-income or no-income partners, in particular, is how they would financially support themselves if they divorced their income-earning spouses.
While spousal support is not a promise in every divorce case, it is possible that maintenance may be part of the final divorce decree. The best way to find out if you are eligible for spousal support during an Illinois divorce is to contact a local divorce attorney.

What Exactly is Maintenance in Illinois?
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With divorce cases, orders of protection are not uncommon. Unfortunately, domestic violence and other circumstances that place people’s safety in jeopardy may be a key factor in someone’s desire to file for divorce as it is. 
While getting a divorce is an excellent first step in distancing yourself from a partner who places you or your children in harm’s way, the divorce process can sometimes take a long time. For people who need protection sooner than later, there are options, known as protection orders, that can keep children out of their partner’s reach before the divorce is finalized. 
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Ideally, the process of getting a divorce would always be amicable. Two partners would come to the mutual decision that their marriage is either no longer sustainable or worth the effort that maintaining it would require, and from there, the dissolution of marriage would take place without any arguments. 
However, not all spouses break up in a calm or cordial manner. In fact, in some cases, domestic violence either precedes or coincides with divorce proceedings. If you find yourself in this situation, an Illinois family law attorney can assist you in seeking a protection order from your violent or abusive
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Orders of protection are legal documents that instruct one party to refrain from contacting, harassing, or abusing the other party. While the exact reason for obtaining an order of protection will differ from one circumstance to the next, many orders of protection are granted in situations where domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, or various forms of harrassment are taking place. Since an order of protection is designed to keep someone safe from another person, having an ex who violates a protective order can be terrifying. 
What Happens When an Order of Protection is Violated? 
Violating an order of protection
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As a parent or a guardian, the last place you want to hear from is the Department of Children and Family Services. However, DCFS receives thousands of calls from concerned individuals on an annual basis, meaning that many parents experience a knock on their door from DCFS agents who must look into a children’s wellbeing. 
What is a DCFS Case? 
The Department of Children and Family Services is a government agency that focuses on the safety and wellbeing of children. With a mission to protect children at all costs, agents who work for the Department of Children and Family Services
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While not everyone understands the technical aspects of the law, many people know that the relationship between a lawyer and a client is confidential. Known as attorney-client privilege, this privacy is a very important aspect of the relationship between a client and an attorney.
However, attorney-client privilege can come across as a vague term to those who do not fully understand what it means. So, what exactly is attorney-client privilege? And how does it serve people who hire lawyers to represent them in divorce cases?

What is Attorney-Client Privilege?
Attorney-client privilege refers to a dynamic in which a client can
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