Blog ImageEvictions might seem like a very straightforward legal process. You tell the court that your tenant has stopped paying rent, has an unauthorized pet, or is disturbing the neighbors, and the court signs off on having the county sheriff evict him – or so you would think. However, evictions can become much more complicated than that. Your tenant might deny your accusations or get his own lawyer to help him resist the eviction or make counterclaims. If your eviction proceeding gets messy, it is best for you to be already represented by a well-qualified DuPage County landlord evictions attorney.

How an Attorney Can Help Landlords With Eviction

Reasons you want legal representation when you are evicting a tenant include:

  • Preparing to recover for damages to the unit – Tenants who are about to get evicted tend to stop caring about whether their unit gets damaged, or may even intentionally cause damages in retaliation. You may need to quickly file a claim to recover money for damages to your unit once the eviction is complete.