Blog ImageContested child custody cases can be hard on everyone involved. It is usually best for parents who are getting divorced to try to agree to a parenting plan out of court with the help of their attorneys and a mediator. However, there are instances where child custody mediation fails, and the parents must allow the court to make decisions. As a parent, you might need to make the decision that litigating child custody is necessary to protect your children if the other parent is being unreasonable or would not do what is best for the children. If you need the court to decide what parenting arrangements are in your child’s best interests, you must be represented by an aggressive Will County, IL, child custody attorney.

Reasons to Litigate Your Child Custody Case

Your lawyer will recommend trying mediation first in most, but not all, cases. If mediation fails or is highly unlikely to work, your lawyer might begin preparing to take your case to court. Reasons you may ultimately need to contest your child custody case include: