IL family lawyerDeciding what type of medical and mental health care your child should receive is an important parental responsibility. If you and your spouse are always in agreement about what kind of care your child should have, allocating this parental responsibility might be fairly easy. Sharing the duty – and right – to sign medical consent forms for your child is the logical solution. However, if you and the other parent have major disagreements about important issues like whether to vaccinate your child or whether she should see a therapist, you might have a more difficult time allocating medical decision-making duties. A court may need to step in and make this decision for you. An experienced Naperville, IL parental responsibilities attorney can help you fight to do what is best for your child.

Common Disagreements About a Child’s Medical Care

Having very different opinions about medical science and what kind of care a child should be able to receive is sometimes the reason parents are getting divorced. Common medical issues affecting children parents disagree on include: