IL injury lawyerWhen a Chicago condominium association was held liable in a slip and fall case that left a woman with significant injuries, the association’s board appealed the nearly $75,000 damage award. The plaintiff in the case was visiting her sister, who lived in the condos. When the woman left, she went down the back stairs, which were poorly lit and had ice on them.

After her fall, several condo residents—some of whom also happened to be condo board members—commented that the lights should have been on. The condominium association claimed those statements were hearsay, but the Appellate Court held that the Circuit Judge properly admitted the statements into evidence.  

This case was uncommon in that it involved the association, the plaintiff, residents who were also on the board, and the plaintiff’s relatives, many of whom made statements at the time of the accident. Even in simpler cases, it is not uncommon for a property owner to dispute the cause of a slip-and-fall accident.