DuPage County, IL product liability lawyerIn 2022, emergency rooms treated an estimated 209,500 toy-related injuries. According to a report by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), 76 percent of those occurred in children aged 14 or younger. Sixty-nine percent occurred in children aged 12 or younger, and 38 percent occurred in children aged four or younger.

Injuries from defective toys range from mild to severe. Nearly half of toy-related injuries in 2022 were to the head and face. But who is liable for those injuries? Is it the children and their parents? Or is it the retailer or manufacturer’s fault?

This article will discuss the different types of defects and who you can sue for damages if your child was injured by a defective toy. Not every case is the same, so consult an Illinois product liability attorney regarding your specific injury.