IL eviction lawyerAs a landlord, you might have to make some tough decisions about when to excuse a tenant’s misconduct and when to evict him for breaking the terms of his lease. One of the grounds for eviction in Illinois is creating a disturbance that interferes with the neighbors’ right to quiet enjoyment of their homes. In fact, if you fail to evict a tenant who routinely disturbs the peace, your other tenants could break their leases early and move out to escape the disruption. You will need evidence of the disruptive tenant’s behavior to show the court. A Naperville, IL landlord evictions lawyer can help you work to quickly evict the tenant who is causing problems for the neighborhood.

When is a Tenant Disruptive Enough to Evict? 

A single incident where one tenant was too loud or made a nuisance of himself is usually not enough to support an eviction. It is normal for tenants to occasionally make noise that annoys the neighbors, such as by having their child’s friends over to play or hosting a small party during reasonable hours.