Joliet Semi Truck Crash LawyerTruck accidents are devastating events that are a major concern on highways across Illinois. These accidents often lead to severe injury and fatalities and considerable economic costs. While many factors contribute to these accidents, road design plays an important, yet sometimes overlooked, role. A well-planned and maintained road network can significantly reduce the likelihood of truck accidents, but poor road design and maintenance can have the opposite effect. In the event you have been injured in a truck accident, due to road design or something else, strongly consider hiring an attorney for legal assistance in this personal injury matter.

The Shape of a Road May Contribute to Truck Accidents

Road geometry is one of the primary elements of road design that affects truck safety. Curves, inclines, and declines can present unique challenges for truck drivers. Sharp turns, especially on rural roads, can lead to rollover accidents, while steep declines in roads can easily overheat truck brakes and cause them to fail. Additionally, improperly banked curves can make it difficult for trucks to maintain control, leading to potential accidents.