IL divorce lawyerGetting out of an abusive marriage is not easy. No matter what type of abuse your spouse has inflicted on you, leaving him can be emotionally challenging. Most abusers try to make their spouses believe that they need the abuser and cannot handle life on their own. You may have been made to feel that you are completely dependent on your abuser and cannot leave. However, when you begin divorce proceedings, you will likely find that your spouse manipulated you into feeling that way and you are perfectly capable of living without him. You need to be represented by an aggressive Will County, IL divorce lawyer who can help protect you against continued abuse during your divorce. Your spouse will likely try to complicate the divorce.

4 Forms of Abuse Married People Might Face

Recognizing that you are being abused in the first place is not always easy. Some forms of abuse are insidious. Types of spousal abuse include: