IL divorce lawyerOlder adults are more likely than younger people to fall prey to financial abuse. The perpetrator can be an adult child, a caregiver, or even your spouse. It is more common than you might think for one spouse to take advantage of the other financially, especially when both spouses are at retirement age. If you are a retirement-age adult questioning whether you want to stay married to your spouse, you should speak to an experienced Naperville, IL complex divorce attorney at once. A skilled lawyer can help you recognize the signs of financial abuse in your marriage and take steps to protect your financial health during the divorce process.

Recognizing The Signs of Financial Abuse in a Marriage

A financially abusive spouse will often claim that he or she is only trying to protect you as he or she gradually takes complete control of the finances. While it is sometimes necessary for a family member to begin managing the financial affairs of an elder who is suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia, this process should be overseen by your doctors and an attorney who is obligated to act strictly in your best interests. Signs that your spouse is financially abusing you include: