IL divorce lawyerA wedding ring is a symbol of marriage and is given from one person to another with the expectation that they will marry. A common question, therefore, is whether a spouse must give his or her wedding ring back to the other spouse when the marriage ends. This is an especially common question with wedding rings that cost thousands of dollars.

If you get divorced, your spouse may demand the wedding ring back. He or she may even claim that it is marital property and must be divided between the both of you. This article will discuss whether a wedding ring is marital property and must be returned in a divorce. It is always best to direct any questions regarding divorce to a qualified Illinois divorce attorney.

What Is Marital Property?

Illinois law defines marital property as anything acquired by either spouse during the marriage. If one party obtained ownership of something after the marriage began, it is considered marital property and belongs to both spouses. Assets like cars and houses, therefore, are often divided in a divorce.