IL divorce lawyerFinancial concerns prevent a lot of lower-earning spouses and homemakers from seeking the divorce they want. If you are financially dependent on your spouse, you might be worried about what would happen to your lifestyle – or even your ability to meet your basic needs – if you got divorced. Stay-at-home parents might have additional concerns about how their earning capacity might impact child custody decisions. Illinois offers legal protections for spouses who would be at a financial disadvantage during divorce. While you should discuss your concerns with a qualified Naperville, IL divorce attorney, you should also know that your individual finances are unlikely to be the barrier to divorce you think they are.

The Law Says You Contributed to Your Spouse’s Earnings

Illinois’s marital property statute considers almost everything either spouse acquires while he or she is married to be marital property. This includes each spouse’s income and anything that income is used to purchase. Your spouse cannot argue that because his or her earnings were used to buy certain things, those things belong to him or her.