IL defense lawyerDomestic violence accusations are taken very seriously in Illinois. To ensure that all victims are protected, there is a streamlined process in place that does not always require corroborating accusations before taking action. If your wife has falsely accused you of domestic abuse, the court might grant her an Order of Protection, and you can be legally obligated to maintain a distance from your home and even your children until it is resolved. She might even get an Emergency Order of Protection, which is issued almost immediately without hardly any bureaucracy or processing delays. Fortunately, if you can demonstrate that her claims are false, you have options. If you are facing false accusations of domestic violence, contact a passionate DuPage County, IL family law attorney to understand how you can fight them.

Responding to an Emergency Order of Protection

Accusations of domestic abuse are taken seriously. There is a dedicated procedure that needs to be carried out for the court to determine whether the accusations are valid and an Order of Protection should be issued. However, based on the accuser’s testimony alone, an Emergency Order of Protection (EOP). This is a form of a restraining order that can take effect immediately. It is not issued instead of a regular Order of Protection but just used until the court completes the regular process to prove that an Order of Protection is necessary. If the court issues an EOP, you will be given information about: