IL divorce lawyerEspecially if you and your child’s other parent both work full-time, there will be times when neither parent can physically be with the child. Even if one of you is a stay-at-home parent, there may be occasions when you need someone other than your co-parent to take care of your child for a short amount of time. You may need to attend to a family emergency while your co-parent is out of town, or your co-parent may have a work event that is not child-friendly while you are out of town. It is wise to include both contingency and routine childcare plans in your parenting plan. A Naperville, IL parenting plans attorney can help you and your spouse negotiate these terms.

Planning for Routine Childcare

If you and your co-parent work overlapping hours, you will need to plan for routine childcare while you are both at work. A few things to consider include: