Chicago, IL (June 28, 2024) – An injury car crash on Tuesday night in Chicago’s South Side resulted in injuries to three individuals. The incident, reported by the Illinois State Police (ISP), occurred at approximately 7:40 p.m. on the ramp to I-57 near 111th St.

According to ISP, the four-vehicle crash is believed to be connected to shots fired between 79th St on the Dan Ryan Expy and Halsted St on I-57. The collision involved multiple vehicles, causing significant traffic disruption in the area.

Three people were transported to a local hospital with injuries from the crash. ISP has not yet provided information about the conditions of those injured or further details about the incident.

Injuries in Car Accidents in Chicago

Every year, thousands of people in Chicago are hospitalized due to injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents. These accidents often result in severe injuries that require immediate medical attention.

Some of the most common injuries victims of car accidents in Chicago suffer include

– Broken bones and compound fractures

– Loss of limbs

– Back injuries

– Burn injuries

– Permanent scarring and disfigurements

– Muscle and nerve damage

– Neck and soft tissue injuries

– Internal organ injuries (such as lung punctures, kidney damage, ruptured spleen, etc.)

– Spinal cord injuries leading to paralysis (including paraplegia, quadriplegia, etc.)

– Traumatic brain injuries

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