IL divorce lawyerIllinois is made up of 102 counties. Each county follows state and federal laws, but they also have some of their own rules that differ from each other. Every county has courts that have jurisdiction over the area, which means the courts enforce their county’s laws.

When you file for divorce in a county court, that court is called your “venue.” Usually, your venue is in the county you live in because that is where people often file for divorce. However, there are certain reasons why a spouse may wish to change the venue after the divorce has been filed.

If you think you might want to change the venue, speak with your Illinois divorce attorney about what steps to take.

Why Should I Change the Venue?

There are several reasons why someone might ask for a change in venue. For example:

  • The spouse who filed the petition for divorce — called the petitioner — may have chosen that venue because that county’s laws are more sympathetic to his or her position. In that case, the spouse who has to respond to the petition — referred to as the respondent — may want to change the venue so the case is more balanced.