Naperville, IL divorce lawyerLife after divorce is very different than it is during marriage. For this reason, people who get divorced prepare for post-divorce life in their own ways. Spouses are free to make their own arrangements on issues like alimony or how to divide marital property.

But there is one preparation that Illinois law wants to make sure is done thoroughly, and that is parenting a child after divorce. Parents who file for divorce are therefore required to submit a parenting plan to the court. A parenting plan is a document that explains in detail how you and your spouse plan to parent the child after the marriage ends. It is a legally binding document that must be approved by the court, so it is best drafted by an Illinois parenting plan attorney.

Here are three things to include in an Illinois parenting plan.

Parenting Time

Parenting time is how Illinois law refers to physical custody of the child. One of the most important elements of a parenting plan is details about how the parents will manage parenting time. This includes: