Skokie, IL divorce lawyerDivorce comes with many kinds of challenges. Spouses who decide to end their marriage often face financial, emotional, and mental difficulties. For homemakers or stay-at-home parents, these challenges are sometimes more pronounced. This is particularly true of financial difficulties stemming from divorce. Homemakers usually are not part of the workforce and have trouble finding gainful employment after the marriage ends.

As with many divorces, however, an experienced Illinois divorce attorney can help minimize these challenges or prevent them completely. If you are a homemaker facing divorce, consider discussing the following courses of action with your lawyer.

Ask for Interim Spousal Maintenance

If you are a homemaker or stay-at-home parent and your spouse is employed, a judge may order your spouse to pay you spousal maintenance, or alimony, after the divorce. This will provide you with some measure of support while you work on becoming self-sufficient.