IL defense lawyerBecoming a sex offender would have a major impact on your life. You would be subject to all sorts of restrictions and rules. You would be required to register as a sex offender and keep updating your registration periodically. The registry is public, so chances are many of the people around you would find out about your conviction. Child sex offenders are subjected to even more restrictions than those who offend against adults. If you have been accused of a sex crime in Illinois, you need an aggressive Rolling Meadows, IL criminal defense attorney to protect your rights.

Restrictions on Illinois Sex Offenders

The restrictions placed on sex offenders can impact every part of your life. Some of the rules Illinois sex offenders live with include:

  • Housing restrictions for child sex offenders – Where you are allowed to live will be affected by certain restrictions. You cannot live near a school, a playground, a daycare center, or any other facility that is geared toward providing services to minors. As these locations are scattered throughout the community, this can make it extremely difficult to find a place where you can legally reside – and where the landlord will accept you.