Will County criminal defense lawyerIn Illinois, trespassing charges can be handled on a criminal or civil basis. Civil trespassing charges typically end up in civil court with a lawsuit, while criminal trespassing charges can leave you with misdemeanors on your record. Criminal trespassing cases are more severe than civil trespassing cases, and it is important to consult a knowledgeable Illinois criminal defense lawyer if you find yourself faced with a criminal trespass charge.

What Is Criminal Trespass in Illinois?

The Illinois Criminal Code defines criminal trespass as entering a building illegally, entering onto private property after having been told to stay away, including by a sign, or remaining on private property after you have been asked to leave.

This differs from civil trespass, which typically occurs in conflicts between landlords and tenants. For instance, if a renter fails to pay rent and remains on a property even after being evicted, he or she risks being sued in court for civil trespass.