Illinois Divorce LawyerIt is no secret that a high net worth divorce can present unique challenges compared to the average divorce case. However, with the right strategy and a dedicated attorney by your side, you can emerge from divorce proceedings with your head held high and your bank account intact

At The Stogsdill Law Firm, P.C., we recognize the challenges that come with a high-net-worth divorce. Our team of qualified attorneys is ready to work with you to construct a customized strategy so that once it comes time for proceedings to begin, you are prepared to defend your interests and fight for an equitable settlement. 

The First Step is Identifying Your Assets

When a divorce features considerable assets, the first step of navigating the situation needs to be obtaining a full accounting of these assets. Assets can range anywhere from homes to businesses and more, making it crucial that your legal team carries out a comprehensive financial audit. A financial audit involves an examination, review, and evaluation of all your assets. This audit will also include examining shared assets as well.