Wheaton Divorce LawyerDuring divorce proceedings, issues concerning property division often become a hot point. The whole situation can get a lot messier when one spouse attempts to conceal assets. To ensure you know what red flags to look for, discuss with your attorney any concerns you may have about your spouse potentially hiding assets. With the support of a prestigious and reputable law firm like The Stogsdill Law Firm, P.C., those going through a divorce can feel confident that his or her best interests are always a top priority.

Watch Out for Unusual Cash Withdrawals 

While it is normal to have the occasional cash withdrawal for day-to-day expenses, regularly occurring or large withdrawals that are different from the norm should grab your attention. A sudden increase in cash transactions could be a deliberate attempt to stash money away undetected. To combat this deceitful asset-concealing strategy, make sure to regularly review bank statements. By periodically reviewing statements, you can spot any strange activity sooner rather than later. The key to unveiling hidden assets is by being as vigilant as possible. Keenly observe and question unusual transactions. Your lawyer will greatly assist you as you look for unusual activity on bank statements.