Kane County burglary defense lawyerIn Illinois, breaking and entering is not a term mentioned in the law. Instead, Illinois classifies what people generally think of as breaking and entering, which is entering property unlawfully with the intent to commit a felony or a theft, as burglary.

If there is no intent to commit a crime once unlawfully inside a property, this action may instead be considered trespass or criminal trespass. Intent to commit a crime must be proven in these kinds of cases for a burglary conviction to be handed down. It is important to have an experienced Illinois criminal defense lawyer on your side if you find yourself facing burglary charges after unlawfully entering a home, vehicle, boat, or other property.

What Is Burglary in Illinois?

When facing burglary charges in Illinois, it is important to understand what the state considers burglary. Despite many people thinking you can only be charged with burglary if you steal something, this is not generally the case in Illinois.