Oak Park, IL divorce attorneyDivorce can sometimes bring out the worst in people. Due to the strong emotions that spouses might experience due to the breakdown of their marriage, they may lash out at each other in various ways, and in some of these ways, actions taken by one spouse can cause serious harm to the other. 

In some cases, this behavior can affect a spouse financially, and they will need to determine what steps they can take to protect themselves. A skilled family law attorney can provide valuable legal help in these situations, providing guidance on the remedies that may be available to address the dissipation of marital assets.

Ways a Spouse Can Intentionally Cause Financial Harm

Intentional harm during a divorce can manifest itself in various ways, including:

Destroying Property

One spouse may damage or destroy marital property out of spite. They may intentionally destroy items that they know have a sentimental value for the other spouse, or they may damage property such as a vehicle, with the intent of making life more difficult for their former partner.