Elmhurst, IL divorce lawyerWhile divorce can be a complex, difficult process for anyone, couples who have a high net worth will face additional complexities related to their property, finances, and other aspects of their personal and professional lives. During a high asset divorce, a couple will need to determine how to evaluate and divide substantial and diverse assets. Understanding how to address these issues correctly is crucial, and with the help of an attorney, a person can take steps during divorce to safeguard his or her financial future. 

At Weiss-Kunz & Oliver, LLC, our experienced lawyers provide invaluable legal guidance for spouses with substantial assets who are going through divorce. We work with our clients to evaluate all financial issues that will affect them during the divorce process and after their cases are complete. We advise them on the best ways to resolve disputes they may encounter, and we advocate for solutions that will protect their financial interests and provide them with the resources they need to maintain their lifestyles. Our goal is to resolve divorce-related issues efficiently and effectively while protecting our clients’ rights at all times.