Glenview, IL (May 13, 2024) – A 17-year-old male lost his life as a result of a two-vehicle accident that occurred on Sunday evening, May 12. Authorities were called to the scene of the accident at around 11:00 p.m.

Preliminary reports indicate that the teen was driving a vehicle on East Lake Avenue during the evening hours. For reasons unknown, a Ford Mustang crashed into his vehicle, causing it to split in half. The teen was pronounced deceased at the scene. His passenger, identified only as his girlfriend, and two people in the Mustang were injured. The three victims were transported to area hospitals. At this time, the incident is under investigation.

We hope the injured victims recover quickly.

We offer our sympathies to the family of the teen who lost his life in the accident.

Fatal Auto Accidents in Illinois

Over the past few years, there’s been a noticeable rise in deadly car crashes both across the country and in the Chicago area. The main culprits behind these tragic events include speeding, not paying attention while driving, driving under the influence, and generally neglectful behavior on the streets. Crashes involving several vehicles often lead to severe injuries or worse, especially when they happen at high speeds or within crowded crossroads. Additionally, when multiple people are involved in an accident, figuring out who is at fault can become a complicated and stressful process. Losing a family member in such accidents brings unimaginable sorrow and emotional pain, along with the heavy burden of sudden expenses related to their passing.

We know how after losing someone close, the thought of dealing with finances is probably the last thing on your mind. However, if your loved one’s passing was caused by someone else’s carelessness or wrongful act, it’s only right that you seek justice. Our Glenview wrongful death lawyers offer understanding and empathetic support to families during such a hard time, helping them cope with their loss. Handling these types of cases can be complex, which is why having an experienced attorney is key to achieving a positive outcome. If you’ve lost someone in a crash, the Romaker Law Firm is ready to stand by you and fight for the compensation your family deserves after such a heartbreaking incident.

For over twenty years, we’ve been helping the people of Chicago and Illinois find some measure of justice after losing loved ones in fatal accidents. Reach out to our wrongful death attorneys in Chicago at 312-377-7000 for a conversation about protecting your rights and holding those responsible accountable for your loss.

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