IL divorce lawyerSpouses in Illinois can get divorced while one of them is pregnant. However, expecting parents who are divorcing might be required to create a parenting plan for their unborn child. A parenting plan covers things like which parent will spend time with the child and when and who will have legal decision-making rights with regard to the child. Deciding who has decision-making rights – called parental responsibilities in Illinois – may be especially important when you have a newborn. You must be represented by a knowledgeable Naperville, IL child custody attorney if you are getting divorced while you or your spouse is pregnant.

Child Custody Issues for Expecting Parents

A few of the things you will need to think about when making a parenting plan for a child who is not yet born include:

  • Decision-making at the time of birth – Will your child get the vitamin K shot upon birth? If you have a boy, will he be circumcised before leaving the hospital? What other types of medical interventions would you accept or not accept at the time of your child’s birth? Which parent can consent to which procedures on behalf of the newborn?