Oak Park, IL divorce lawyerWhen going through a divorce or legal separation, parents of minor children will need to consider a variety of topics related to child custody (now called “parental responsibilities” under Illinois law).. It is important to make sure these matters are addressed correctly, since the decisions made can affect parents and children for years to come. 

During the legal process, one of the most crucial tasks will involve producing a parenting plan that addresses the well-being of a couple’s children. An experienced family law attorney can ensure that a divorcing couple’s parenting plan aligns with Illinois law, while also safeguarding the best interests of the children.

What Is a Parenting Plan?

Divorcing spouses will frequently negotiate a divorce settlement, which will include a parenting plan that addresses various child custody issues. For unmarried parents who are separated, a parenting plan will be created during their child custody case. In Illinois, such parenting plans are mandatory, and must be submitted for court approval to ensure that the children’s best interests are prioritized.