Wheaton, IL divorce lawyerCo-parenting after a divorce is rarely easy and never simple. One of the reasons for this is that each parent now has his or her own separate life to lead. Priorities get shifted around, mistakes are made, the unexpected happens, and emergencies come up.

So, if your co-parent fails to show up for his or her parenting time with your child, it may be a misunderstanding. Furthermore, Illinois law wants to keep parents and their children together. If your ex misses a visit, he or she is not likely to face penalties. 

However, if your co-parent is making a habit of failing to show up for parenting duty, it is something you should discuss with an Illinois family law attorney. A qualified lawyer will help you understand what action to take, if any.

Should I Take Action if My Co-Parent Is Not Showing Up?

Say your ex is consistently failing to appear for his or her parenting time with the child. If action can be taken, does that mean you should take it? Some people might be reluctant to address the issue for fear of “making waves” or inviting hostility. This can be especially true if your ex has been known to be abusive and you fear reprisal.