IL job injury lawyerMost employers in Illinois are required by law to have insurance with workers’ compensation coverage to be used if their employees get hurt at work. Some injuries can be so severe that the employee can never work again. If your loved one got hurt while on the job and will not be able to reenter the workforce, he might be eligible for total disability benefits. However, the insurance companies that employers use often fight such claims and do whatever they can to avoid paying. Speak with a qualified Joliet, IL workers’ compensation lawyer to understand your options.

What Causes Permanent Disability?

Anyone can be injured at any time regardless of what they do for a living. People who work regular 9-5 jobs sitting at a desk can be seriously harmed and eligible for workers’ compensation if, for example, improperly installed office equipment falls on them. However, when discussing permanent disability, there are some higher-risk professions like police officers, truck drivers, and construction workers, for whom there is a higher chance of severe injury.