IL divorce lawyerWhen there is a lot of conflict in your marriage, and you and your spouse do not have a civil relationship, getting through your divorce will be difficult. If you and your spouse are furious with each other, neither of you is likely to be willing to compromise on which marital assets you keep or how often you each see the children. Uncontested divorce may still be possible, but there is also a chance that you will need to go through divorce litigation to get a fair outcome. If your divorce is filled with conflict, you must be represented by an aggressive Will County, IL divorce lawyer. You will need strong representation to protect your interests.

Dealing With a High-Conflict Divorce 

Some tips for coping with a contentious divorce include:

  • Avoid direct communication – If at all possible, avoid communicating directly with your spouse. Let your attorneys handle any necessary communication between you. During child custody handoffs, consider having a neutral party bring the children back and forth so you do not have to see each other.