Chicago food poisoning lawyerIf you went to a restaurant and now have food poisoning, you might be eligible for compensation covering medical bills, lost earnings, and pain and suffering. However, filing a food poisoning claim can involve multiple steps. An Illinois lawyer can help make sure you properly file your claim.

Make Sure You Seek Medical Attention

The initial and crucial step in submitting a food poisoning claim is obtaining medical care. This is vital for your health and recovery and also documents the nature and extent of your illness. Preserve all medical documents, such as diagnosis, treatment records, and receipts, since they are critical to your claim.

Report the Incident

Once you have received medical attention, report the incident to the appropriate authorities. In Illinois, you should contact your local health department and the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH). They will investigate the source of the contamination and take necessary actions to prevent further illnesses. Reporting the incident promptly is essential, as it aids in pinpointing the contamination source and helps prevent further illness. When making a report, include detailed information such as the date and location of the meal, the exact food items consumed, and the symptoms that followed.