DuPage County, IL alimony lawyerWhen a couple gets divorced, one party is often required to financially support the other. This is referred to as spousal support, spousal maintenance, or alimony. Illinois law gives courts wide discretion in deciding whether alimony must be paid, how much payments should be, and how long they should last.

That being said, many factors go into consideration when a court makes decisions about spousal support. This article will discuss some of those factors and when a spouse may receive alimony for life. 

Keep in mind there is no actual formula that will tell you if you are entitled to lifetime alimony. The best way to determine this is to consult with an attorney who is familiar with the family courts in Illinois and can give you a professional assessment.

How Does a Court Decide Whether to Order Alimony?

When making decisions about alimony, a court will look at several factors, including: