IL landlord lawyerBuying a multi-unit building that is already occupied is likely one of the simplest ways to become a landlord or expand your business. However, working with existing tenants can be challenging if the previous landlord was not so concerned with keeping the property well-maintained and enforcing policies set out in the lease. If you have found yourself in a situation where you have tenants who do not respect the terms of a lease you did not write but now own, you may be faced with backlash when trying to create a nicer community. Evicting existing tenants may eventually become necessary. A DuPage County, IL landlord representation attorney may be able to help you.

Common Issues When Working With Existing Tenants and When to Evict

“I know it is in the lease, but the old landlord never cared” is a phrase you may quickly tire of hearing. Problems you might encounter as the new landlord of an already-occupied building may include: