IL injury lawyerWhen families worry that their aging loved ones are unable to sufficiently take care of themselves and moving in with them is not an option, nursing homes can offer an excellent solution. Deciding which facility to place them in can be a difficult process. You want them to feel comfortable, happy, and socially engaged. Since nursing homes offer different features,  your decision might be based on the availability of around-the-clock medical professionals, luxury accommodations, creative activities, or any number of other considerations.

Unfortunately, while a facility might seem like a great place on paper, your parent’s experience living there depends to a great extent on the personal care they receive from the staff. Neglect is a big problem in nursing homes, particularly for residents who are less verbal and unable to speak up for themselves. This article will describe some common signs of nursing home abuse. If you suspect your family member is the victim of nursing home neglect, speak with a compassionate Joliet, IL personal injury attorney to understand your options.