IL CP lawyerSome people experience pregnancy and childbirth as an enchanting and miraculous period in their lives culminating in the addition of a cooing, healthy baby to their families. However, pregnancy truly is a time full of the unknown, with many mothers-to-be worrying about their babies’ development. Unfortunately, sometimes those worries are well-founded, and a child is diagnosed with cerebral palsy. While people with cerebral palsy can face serious symptoms and challenges throughout their lives, we are fortunate to live in a time of technological advancements that can help challenges be mitigated. This article will offer information about several adaptive devices and equipment for people with cerebral palsy, but if you have a child with this disorder, you should speak with an Illinois birth injury attorney to understand what rights your family might be legally entitled to.

Adaptive Equipment and Devices

Caused by damage to a developing brain, cerebral palsy can present differently in different people. However, some of the most common symptoms include poor muscle control, inability to maintain proper balance or posture, irregular reflexes, or poor muscle tone. While these symptoms can make it very hard to go through life in a world designed for more typically able-bodied individuals, technological innovations have created some amazing devices that can help people with cerebral palsy not only move around but thrive beyond the typical wheelchair. These include: