DuPage County, IL divorce lawyerNot all divorces are equal. Some divorces come suddenly and shockingly, while others are expected and a long time in coming. In the latter case, the spouses may have separated for months before the divorce. One of the spouses could have moved out, and one or both spouses may have found new romantic partners.

While there is no law against having an affair, it can affect your divorce and you should check with a qualified Illinois attorney before starting a serious relationship before your marriage ends. This article will discuss three ways an affair can affect your divorce.

Your Affair Can Affect Alimony

In many divorces, one of the spouses — called the “payor” — is required to pay alimony to the other spouse, called the “payee.” 

Under Illinois law, the payee can receive spousal support only as long as he or she is not in a “supportive relationship.” A supportive relationship is a relationship in which the partners are expected to financially support each other. This means: