IL defense lawyerConvincing evidence can make the difference between being found guilty or not guilty of a crime. An experienced criminal defense lawyer will know what evidence is needed to support an acquittal in a criminal case. In investigating your case, a criminal defense lawyer will know what avenues to pursue to obtain relevant evidence.

If you are facing criminal allegations, you need a Chicago criminal defense lawyer who has experience representing individuals charged with a variety of offenses. Below, we will discuss the most frequent types of evidence used in criminal investigations.

Physical Evidence

Physical evidence, also called real evidence, is any material object that was present at the crime scene. Such items may include a weapon, blood-stained clothing, or lipstick on a drinking glass. Physical evidence can provide valuable insight into who was present at the scene and other circumstances behind the crime.

To admit an item into evidence, you must provide evidence demonstrating that the item is what you claim it to be. This is known as authenticating evidence, and it is crucial to maintaining credible investigations in our justice system.