Il estate lawyerBy nature, humans are an optimistic species. We do not want to think of a future where we can no longer take care of ourselves and need hired help to get us through the day. While many people end up living in nursing homes, most of them probably never pictured that when they were younger, preferring instead to imagine they would be forever young, healthy, and strong. Unfortunately, that is not the reality for most of us.

While it is human nature to prefer focusing on a rosy future, people can also manage to overcome that to plan for a hypothetical future that may not be so grand. That is why people draw up savings plans for rainy days, prenuptial agreements, wills, and even business contracts – they are forcing themselves to think about negative things that might happen and thus protecting their future selves in case that comes to be.

This same mindset is what leads people to sign over power of attorney to someone they trust. Again, no one wants to think of a future where they are incapable of making decisions for themselves, but power of attorney is there to protect them in the hypothetical event that it happens. If you have been thinking about this as well, let an experienced Lombard, IL estate planning attorney answer your questions and arm you with more information.