Arlington medical malpractice lawyer As a consumer, you trust that the medications prescribed by healthcare professionals are safe and effective. However, there are instances when pharmaceutical companies release defective drugs that cause serious harm to patients. If this happened to you, an Illinois lawyer can help determine if you have potential grounds to take legal action.

Failure to Warn

A prevalent basis for initiating a defective medication lawsuit is the failure to provide adequate warnings. Pharmaceutical companies bear a legal obligation to furnish comprehensive information regarding the potential risks and adverse effects associated with their medications. This crucial information must be conveyed to healthcare professionals and patients through various means, including labeling, packaging inserts, and other relevant documentation.

The company may be liable if a drug manufacturer neglects to provide sufficient warnings and a patient suffers harm. For example, consider a scenario in which a medication is known to cause severe liver damage, yet the manufacturer fails to include this vital information in the warning label. In such a case, the manufacturer could face legal action in the form of a lawsuit, as their failure to disclose the potential risk directly contributed to the patient’s injuries.