Blog ImageThere are some situations in life where personal relationships and the law will intersect. This is true with marriage, which is not just a romantic relationship, but also a legal partnership. Married spouses’ lives will be linked together, and, as a result, the 2 parties will have certain rights and obligations. A prenuptial agreement can serve as a pragmatic foundation for a marriage, ensuring clarity and fairness for both parties right from the beginning. 

While a prenuptial agreement (commonly known as a “prenup”) can provide a legal framework for a couple’s partnership, it may not necessarily affect a couple unless they choose to get a divorce in the future. Creating a prenuptial agreement that is legally valid and enforceable can ensure that the interests of both spouses will be protected if their relationship ever breaks down. An attorney with experience in divorce and family law can help ensure that the terms of a prenup accurately apply to a couple’s situation, and will be enforceable should the need arise.