IL divorce lawyerIn 2024, the Internet is simply a fact of life. As it has spread through every facet of modern society, people without smartphones have a difficult time staying on top of updates ranging from developments at their work, changes at their child’s school, their medical appointments, and even which groceries will be on sale on any given day. Social media networks are a crucial part of many people’s daily routines and are used for everything from wishing a happy birthday to beloved relatives, receiving payments, and even finding dates.

With all the advantages that increased access to social media has presented, there are also more challenges, particularly regarding individuals’ privacy. Where in the past a person might have simply needed to call in sick to work, nowadays, they need to make sure there is nothing online that might indicate to their boss that it was not illness keeping them out of the office. Like in other aspects of life, social media has been playing an increasingly influential role in divorce proceedings in recent years. If you are considering divorce and are concerned about how your social media presence might affect it, a Chicago, IL divorce lawyer can review your online posts and interactions and guide you on any modifications that might be advisable.