IL divorce lawyerOften, the division of assets can be a fairly straightforward part of the divorce process. The spouses outline all their marital assets and properties, as well as debts, and either they can come up with a reasonable plan for splitting these or the court will do so, taking into consideration both parties’ finances, earning capability, and other factors. Unfortunately, some people find they cannot trust their future ex-spouse. While it is not legal to withhold information, some people try to hide assets in an effort to keep them from needing to share them with their ex. In some cases, a spouse might use marital funds for things having nothing to do with the marriage, for example by gambling or spending on someone they are being unfaithful with. If you do not trust your spouse to be open and honest about finances and other assets during divorce proceedings, a forensic accountant might be exactly what you need. Speak with a DuPage County, IL divorce lawyer to find out more.