DuPage County family law attorneyOne of the most potentially contentious issues in a divorce is child custody. In Illinois, child custody is legally referred to as the allocation of parental responsibilities. When parents cannot reach an amicable parenting agreement, the court may require a custody evaluator to be assigned to the case. A custody evaluator’s role is to assess the situation and provide recommendations that prioritize the best interests of the child. Having an Illinois family lawyer advocate for you in this process is critical.

What Does a Custody Evaluator Do?

Custody evaluators play a crucial role in helping the court make informed decisions about custody by conducting comprehensive evaluations of the family dynamics, parental capabilities, and the child’s needs. They are trained professionals with expertise in child psychology, family dynamics, and conflict resolution. This background allows evaluators to provide valuable insights and recommendations to the court based on their assessments. An evaluator’s involvement becomes necessary when parents cannot resolve their differences through mediation or negotiation, and the court requires additional information to make a fair and impartial decision.