Chicago, IL (March 31, 2024) – After a collision on South DuSable Lake Shore Drive in downtown Chicago on Sunday, four persons, including a child, were injured.

The collision occurred in the 1300 block of South DuSable Lake Shore Drive, close to the Museum Campus, and apparently involved a taxi driver and a passenger vehicle motorist. Per Chicago fire authorities, the injured individuals received medical attention at hospitals. The cause for the collision and the victims’ conditions were not immediately known; however, an investigation remains active.

Our thoughts are extended to the injured victims and their loved ones. We hope for their full recovery at this time.

Injury Vehicle Crashes in Chicago

On American roadways, there are an estimated 17,000 car accidents every day; Chicago’s expressways and thoroughfares are similarly the sites of all too many of these incidents. A large number of these crashes are small fender-benders, with little to no damage and just minor injuries. Unfortunately, because of the carelessness of another driver, far too many collisions result in serious injuries or deaths.

Fortunately, if another driver’s carelessness or unlawful activity resulted in your collision, you have the right to pursue justice and monetary damages for your injuries. After a car accident, Illinois accident victims shouldn’t be reluctant to consult with a lawyer.

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