IL family lawyerIt is an incredibly difficult decision for someone to relinquish their parental rights. This conclusion is generally by people for whom life has been too tough to function as parents are expected to. Perhaps the parents are dealing with severe mental or emotional conditions or battling a substance addiction, and they are unable to give their child a suitable home regardless of how much they love them. In some cases, a relative of the parents may want to adopt the child. This can often be the best option for the child, although it can be a complex process for the people who wish to adopt them. If you are considering related adoption of a family member’s child, speak with an experienced Cook County, IL adoption lawyer who can review the case and explain the types of complications you might expect to face.

How Does Related Adoption Work?

Related adoption happens when someone related by blood or marriage to a child adopts them. The adopted parents can be aunts and uncles, step-parents, siblings, or grandparents, among others.