Bloomingdale car accident lawyerBrain bleeds, also referred to as intracranial hemorrhages, are a grave consequence of car accidents. The immense force and abrupt deceleration involved in crashes can inflict severe trauma upon the delicate structures of the brain, leading to various types of bleeding within the cranial cavity. If you or a loved one has suffered a brain bleed injury in a vehicle accident, it is important to speak with an Illinois personal injury lawyer to understand what legal options you may have.

How Do Brain Bleeds Occur?

Although encased within the protective confines of the skull, the brain is particularly vulnerable to injury when there are any kind of rapid acceleration or deceleration forces, such as those that happen in car accidents. These forces can cause the brain to collide against the skull’s inner surface, resulting in contusions, lacerations, or the tearing of blood vessels. These injuries usually initiate bleeding within the brain, causing intracranial hemorrhages.