IL divorce lawyerWhen a couple goes through a divorce, one of the many steps they need to work out relates to the division of their marital assets. Anything that they amassed as a couple will be divided in a divorce. Unfortunately, some people falsely believe that they can merely hide some assets so as to avoid splitting them in the divorce settlement. This is an illegal practice, but common nonetheless. This article will describe three prominent signs that your spouse might be trying to hide assets. Of course, if you have any concerns about your personal situation, a compassionate Wheaton, IL divorce lawyer can guide you further.

Unreasonable and Unexplained Bank Transfers

It is not illegal to have multiple accounts or even accounts in multiple countries. However, if your spouse has begun transferring money into investments or between accounts without offering you any explanation about it, this might be a sign that they are trying to hide assets from the authorities so they can avoid dividing them with you in a divorce. If you notice any discrepancies between your account balances and what your spouse has disclosed about his financial activity, speak with a lawyer about all of this so you can figure out what you should do next.