DuPage County Injury AttorneyMost people know what a hit-and-run accident is but may not have heard of miss-and-run crashes. A miss-and-run accident – also referred to as a “near-miss-and-run” or “close-call hit-and-run” – is when a driver narrowly avoids hitting another vehicle, pedestrian, or some object, and that action causes another party some type of harm. What makes a miss-and-run different from a hit-and-run is that the driver makes no physical contact with the injured party.

Even without the physical contact, that driver could still be liable for any injuries sustained in the crash. This is why anyone who experiences a miss-and-run crash should contact an Illinois personal injury lawyer for legal help.

Factors in Miss and Run Accidents

Many miss-and-run incidents occur at intersections, areas of heavy traffic, and areas with a lot of pedestrian activity. A driver may brake suddenly, swerve, or take some other type of evasive action to avoid hitting something or someone and then drive off despite the damage and injuries their actions caused.