IL child supportWhen you first arranged your divorce settlement, there were so many things that you and your ex needed to work out: Where would your children live? How often would each of you see them? Will either pay the other alimony? Who can make important decisions on your child’s behalf?  How much child support will you need to pay? What are you supposed to do if things in your life have changed from the way they were back then? If for example, you make monthly child support payments to your ex and now you are unemployed, are you expected to keep making those payments somehow? For answers to these and more questions, you can speak with a Skokie, IL divorce settlement lawyer.

Can I Be Granted a Child Support Modification in Illinois?

Under certain circumstances, it is legally acceptable to modify aspects of a divorce decree, including those that refer to child support payments. For example, if the paying spouse has unexpectedly and involuntarily experienced a loss of income, whether the income has stopped altogether or decreased significantly, this would be considered a reasonable case for someone to seek a divorce decree modification. If you quit your job, this would not be considered unexpected or involuntary. If you have chosen to leave your job and thus lose your income as a result, this is not considered appropriate grounds for seeking a modification.